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HVAC Maintenance for Data Centers

HVAC Maintenance for Data Centers

In previous DCS posts, our team discussed the benefits of alternative cooling options such as thermal management and oil immersion strategies. We were then reached out to by a colleague, Steven Wells, who wanted to also provide insight into traditional HVAC services. These are great, revolutionizing options, but the reality is that many data centers still depend on HVAC systems for their cooling operations and for some these are the best options for their needs. If you have HVAC systems as your main source of cooling, maintaining your systems properly is absolutely essential to the efficiency of your Data Center.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Fouling of heat exchangers costs the U.S. industries hundreds of millions of dollars every year in increased equipment costs. Maintenance costs, energy losses and losses in production.” How can you guarantee the optimal performance of your HVAC cooling systems? Simple: Ongoing Maintenance.

One of the most neglected portions of HVAC preventative maintenance is plate heat exchangers within the system. They are the critical to free cooling and steady temperatures within a facility. It is essential to be sure that evaluations, inspections cleaning and gasket replacements are provided on a scheduled basis that is determined by your preventative team. These teams open the units and clean each plate individually including all the gaskets. This reduced pump pressure and lowers temps. Not only does this keep your Data Center cool, but reduces your energy budget as all systems run leaner when properly maintained. There are many different types of cleaning that can help prevent issues, but two of the most popular are chemical and manual cleanings.  Chemical cleanings decrease the likelihood of water fouling and manual cleanings are a more thorough cleaning of the entire system. Setting up a schedule for both types of cleanings is essential for success.

This is just one of many ways you can improve the efficiency of your Data Center while reducing your overhead costs significantly over time. Learn more about Data Center Design Build techniques from DCS today!


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