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Thermal Management Technology for New & Existing Data Centers

Thermal Management Technology for New & Existing Data Centers

The next few years will be groundbreaking for data center solutions.  The wave of the future is among us and it’s exciting to explore new cooling solutions that will undoubtedly change the industry.

Data centers require constant cool air flow.  Currently, most are controlled by air conditioning units on site that monitor and adjust to the needs of the center.  However, the air conditioning units tend to be noisy, insufficient and costly.  And there is the possibility of hot spots and overcooling.  So how will data center cooling management be addressed moving forward?  There are several options that revolve around the use of water cooling technology.


There are factors to consider when determining which cooling method is the best based on data center requisites and building and location restraints. Thermal management technologies experts recommend four technologies: direct expansion, chilled water, adiabatic chilled water and air-to-air evaporative technologies to avoid heat disasters.

Direct expansion is ideal for minimal impact and limited external space.  The efficacy of direct and indirect free cooling or pumped refrigeration technology is optimal. Chilled water systems are great for medium to larger data centers which are aimed towards uncompromised data availability and efficacy.  There are generally low limits in terms of distance between the external and in internal units. Adiabatic free cooling chillers are extremely reliable under the worst possible environmental conditions.  The water control logic ensures the data center is being cooled effectively at all times. Air-to-air technologies are wonderful for data centers which have large footprints.  They save the electrical infrastructure and reduce data center TCO.

These solutions are extremely impressive and further cooling technologies seem promising. DCS moves to stay up to date on all the latest cooling tech options for your business.