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DCS Data Center Creation Process

DCS Data Centers strongly recommends the assessment phase first, but once that has been completed and all stakeholders are in firm control of the working facts, it is time to move forward to the Planning Process.

DCS will provide or assist in producing a set of conceptual plans. This allows a client to make the transition from what exists to what is going to exist. This is what DCS considers the product definition and includes costs, timeline, risks, long lead items, full design and permits and project implementation plan.

DCS Data Centers offers a wide range of assessment or planning solutions focusing on subjects such as:

  • Existing Conditions,
  • Recommended Housekeeping
  • Capacity Planning
  • Awareness
  • Single Source of Failure Studies
  • Risk
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

These studies are an essential part of the planning tools required to run a reliable data center and to predict future costs and possible reduction/growth planning.

When considering a new build or expansion these assessments act as the very first building block. They will provide all stakeholders with a baseline at which to start. The goals of these assessments are to capture weaknesses in the facility and to assist in controlling operational expense (OPEX) or building and investment costs (CAPEX).

Assessments of existing facilities can include but not be exclusive to the following:

  • Single Points of Failure
  • Hot & Cold Aisle Best Practice (Efficiency)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Maintenance Planning
  • CAPEX-Replacement Costs
  • OPEX-Efficiency Study
  • Arc Flash
  • Compliance Studies
  • Future Site Selection (Sustainability, Utility, Cost)
  • Tier Level Compliance
  • Research for Utility Incentives
  • Conceptual Design or Relocation
  • Financial Feasibility Study
  • Build Vs. Colo: Cost, Risk

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DCS Data Centers prides itself on providing the client with the very best and innovative designs, focusing on leading edge technology that is both CAPEX and OPEX friendly but also functional, reliable, efficient and maintainable.

DCS provides a single point of contact from design through completion. Our relationships with industry leading architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and fire life safety engineers ensures a top class facility that will function as it designed to do for many years to come.

DCS is not vendor bias. Our strength lies in the ability to select the best equipment and contractors based on qualification, quality records and post completion support. All vendors used or recommended by DCS are leaders in the Data Center market place. While providing design services, DCS encourages the involvement of their clients, allowing them to provide valuable input.

Regular design and review meetings are held prior to the production of final construction drawings; the plan is to get it right the first time and minimize project delays and expensive change orders. The design and construction programs will be realistic, so when a project plan is agreed upon all milestones are met. Planning, design and construction must be a cohesive concept. Learn how DCS can help make this a reality for your business.

DCS provides construction services using top class quality and experienced contractors. These contractors have been through rigorous in-house compliance standards prior to being considered by DCS. Each contractor must display that they are uniquely qualified to work in and around the data center environment, no matter the project: whether we are building, relocating or working in and around a live working environment. In addition to experience and qualification, DCS conducts in-depth background checks ensuring the individual is suitable for work in such sensitive areas.

Our build philosophy is a team approach; we encourage our clients to involve us at the very beginning of the design process. Our valuable construction experience has proven to be extremely valuable and has helped in minimizing expensive mistakes. Working as a cohesive team is key in any construction project, but even more so when building a data center.  These buildings while expensive to build are also expensive to run. The data center is practically a living, breathing, structure. To make this run smoothly, construction discipline needs to be used, from the general contractor, electrical, mechanical and all teams need to devoted and closely supervised at each phase.  DCS provides this close coordination to its teams of subcontractors. By having our fingers on the pulse, our team keeps the schedule on-time, controls overages and ensures a quality end user product.

Whether it is a remodel, expansion, relocation, new build, traditional brick & mortar or modular deployment, DCS Data Centers can be a key ally and valuable team member in your build of the most difficult of facilities.

DCS Data Centers prides itself in designing and building "best in class" facilities that perform as designed and as expected. A data center or mission critical facility is a highly calibrated building and it is key not only to design it this way, but have the daily operations perform at the lowest PUE factor possible, reducing cost.

A key part of this is to implement a rigorous and thorough maintenance program. Part of the maintenance program is just good housekeeping. DCS can provide on-site training for the facility and guidance in areas that directly affect the performance of your data center.

In addition to the basic care, DCS will provide a complete and comprehensive maintenance package. This package will usually include all new key components:


  • Generator, Batteries, Fuel Systems
  • Load Test & Functional Transfer Testing, ATC, Etc.


  • Unit Testing, Battery Banks
  • Load Testing, Capacity Checks, ETC.

Power Distribution

  • All Busway Systems, PDU, RPPs
  • Ark Flash/Hotspot Testing
  • Breaker Calibration


  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Outside Plant, Chillers, Cooling
  • Towers, Pump Packages
  • Redundant Systems
  • Air Flow Visual Inspections

Fire Life Safety

  • Novec, FM200, Acaro

Monitoring Systems

  • Security, BMS, Access CCTV


  • Fiber, Copper Cabling

DCS Planning Process