Delivering Turn-Key Mission Critical Solutions

Plan. Design. Build. Maintain.

Over the last decade, one of the biggest boom strategies for investing has been in Bitcoin, the first decentralized money currency to be success in the modern era. Bitcoin is internet based, with no middle man applying fees and is an open source code, creating transparency for all. This growth has caused a boom for facilities to be built and the United States and throughout the world.

DCS Data Centers provides quality Critical Facilities for Crypto Currency. When a product is internet-based, having a facility that is efficient, dependable and easily maintained is an absolute must. One issue at the facility can cost miners and currency holders millions in costs overall. We strive to provide the highest quality facilities with energy efficient technologies that are functional for miners to use daily. The DCS team works with owners and miners to successfully design a facility that meets expectations and is prepared to handle additional future workloads going forward. Our engineers design each part of the facility with long-term use in mind, ensuring each facility can grow and be easily updated for future needs and technology changes.

The entire team works together to provide start-to-finish services that include “Plan Design Build Maintain & Commission” services. We wish to provide all your Crypto Currency needs throughout the project. DCS not only provides above-par customer service, but competitive prices thanks to our team being contractor independent. This means that your facility will have the best products at reasonable prices, without being forced to use specific contractors.

No matter the size of your Crypto Currency Facility needs, DCS can help your business accomplish your goals and grow your business for years to come. Contact DCS for a Free Assessment of your facility needs to begin the process of creating a superior Crypto Currency Facility.