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Data Center Build Location Tips

Data Center Build Location Tips

You have decided to build a data center!  Now where do you build it?

There are many factors that either help or hinder the CAPEX or OPEX of a data center, but that is not the only concern!  How can you also minimize the risk of the build and operation?  Well, the next few paragraphs will help you start to narrow down location choices.

You would think in this ever-changing virtual world location wouldn’t matter, well it does.  The physical location is the very heart of your operation and it is a major decision.

Uptime Institute Tier level guidelines provide a full list of location considerations, but here are few worth noting.  Avoid natural and manmade high-risk areas.  Natural risk considerations include: earthquakes, flood zones, typhones, hurricanes and other natural events.  With modern engineering and construction techniques all locations can be built to best withstand a major event.  The question is, has the outside infrastructure been engineered with effective resilience?

Manmade obstacles include: airports, military facilities, chemical works, industrial areas and busy freeways.  It’s paramount to consider the neighborhoods and the general security of all the surrounding areas.  Look at the physical state of the area and general crime rate statistics.  While visiting potential locations, the local planning department should be contacted to see if there are any buildings in the area that may obstruct planning permission.  Ensure you have familiarized yourself with local zoning restrictions.

Once you have done the preliminary checks, start to check outside services.  How reliable, costly and secure are they and is growth limited?  We are talking electrical, fiber, water, server and other utilities.

Now that logistical checks are complete, consider the following: How much is it to build? Are there enough qualified local companies to ensure high build quality? And, can you provide a reliable, post completion maintenance source?  Disasters do happen, and it’s key to be prepared for anything.  Maintenance is vital.

In addition to building basics, you should consider whether you can acquire and keep qualified and competent employees.  Pay well and follow some simple rules. Make sure you have the following:

  • Good Access
  • Good Air quality
  • Other employment opportunities
  • Reasonable transportation links
  • Good Schools
  • Reasonable real estate costs
  • Use of free air cooling
  • Opportunity to use “just in time model”

There are many other factors to consider, but this will set you on your way.  Feel free to contact DCS DataCenters to assist in the planning, design, build, commission and manufacturing.


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