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Direct and Indirect Cool Economics

Direct and Indirect Cool Economics

Maintaining cool air within your data center is essential.  Your facilities equipment produces heat which needs to be neutralized by cool air to insure your equipment doesn’t overheat.

Traditionally, air cooling in data centers involves air conditioning units (CRACs).  They ensure a certain air temperature is maintained throughout the center using raised floor and hot/cool air techniques.  This direct approach can have availability risks however.  Recent trends suggest “cool air/indirect” cooling might be the way to go.

As opposed to CRACs, Indirect cooling is similar to opening a window.  The air from outside of the data center is used to cool the equipment.  Although this technology poses difficulties with outside contamination and humidity, there are economic and environmental benefits to this type of cooling.

How to choose the right design?  Your facility design needs will depend on your budget, room size, power density and other considerations.

DCS DataCenters can help you plan, design, build, commission and maintain your facility.

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