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Dangers of Deferred Maintenance

Dangers of Deferred Maintenance

Have you heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? With Data Centers, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Deferred maintenance is one of the leading problems with Data Center efficiency and the root cause of many “disasters”. But why is deferring maintenance on your critical facility detrimental to your mission critical operations? Find out here.

Deferred maintenance means delaying upgrades or needed routine repairs on any type of facility in order to reduce fees for a business. Although this can save money in the short term, deferred maintenance in the long term can increase costs and possible catastrophic failure likelihood.

With updates constantly occurring within the Data Center industry, it can be difficult for facilities to stay with the times in a budget-friendly way. Although difficult, this is an essential task. Data Center loads are growing at the highest rates since conception and this is putting additional workloads on the facilities. If your Data Center wants to keep clients on your racks and happy customers, the motto of “spend money to make money” must come into play. Without needed upgrades and routine maintenance, your Data Center can be facing an unavoidable disaster which will cost your business more money than the maintenance that should have been completed ever would.

Although budgets must be set for maintenance, you can also help manage these budgets responsibly to provide the best results for your facility without blowing the budget.

  • Consider routine Commissioning Checks: Have your facility audited by experts who can provide the knowledge and insight into the deficiencies in your Data Center.
  • Work with these Commissioning Agents to create a plan to effectively manage your current and future load needs.
  • Execute the plan over a period of time to assist the budget and fix the most critical areas first.

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