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Data Centers of the Future

Data Centers of the Future

Over the last thirty years, data centers have been pushed by designers and engineers to work at optimal levels with minimal energy misuse. Due to this, many of the data center industry’s biggest issues and pain points have been alleviated. Although this progress has been astronomical, the size, demand and capacity needs of companies using data centers is growing at unbelievable rates. The increase in online demand from consumers is forcing facilities to grow or be thrown to the curb for better data center options. The necessity for security over the last five years has also drawn more demand upon data center facilities as well. Data centers are now expected to process, store and analyze data from the Internet of Things (IoT) at new speeds.

These changes and demand needs are shaping the new data center industry for years to come. Experts, including DCS Data Centers, must review the existing market and look to the future to determine the best innovations to be implemented into future data center builds and redesigns. Here are some of the latest trends shaping the future of Data Centers going into 2018 and beyond.

  • Specialist data centers (to deliver specific applications and services) will coexist with, but eventually replace, some generic facilities – mainly enterprise sites. In addition, we anticipate greater standardization and industrialization of datacenter design and construction, enabling a more modular buildout of capacity.
    • What this means for your data center needs: Modular and POD data centers are on the rise. If you are currently on a colocation data center plan or using an outdated facility, this is a great, budget-friendly option for your business.
  • Wild-card disruptive technologies – such as post-silicon technologies and quantum computing – could also result in major changes in design and operation, and could make some existing datacenter designs, business models and services obsolete in the longer term.
    • What this means for your business: No matter what type of data center facility or means you are currently using for your business, it is time to evaluate your options and determine what is a good strategy for the next five to ten years and beyond. An analysis should be requested internally and by a third party to determine future needs and potential builds required.
  • Progressive operators will seek to future-proof new and existing physical datacenter infrastructure in order to minimize disruption and maximize capital expenditure. Increased agility should allow them to take advantage of innovative and emerging technologies.
    • What this means for your business: It is time to get serious about your data center facility needs. Changes are coming and if your business is behind the curb, it is likely you will be faced with a slow performing data center or a critical failure.

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