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Data Center Cabling Trends

Data Center Cabling Trends

As Data Centers continue to grow, having reliable network cabling within your facility is essential. Lapses in efficiency can cause major issues that can affect those worldwide. Data Center designers are planning for network cabling early in the creation process and considering cabling constraints such as power and cooling, physical space, security risks, and budgets as top of the line concerns. A MarketsandMarkets press release recently announced that structured cabling will be a $13 billion dollar business within the next 10 years, which solidifies how important these are to your Data Center. Staying on top of the latest Data Center Cabling Trends is imperative. Here are some of the latest cabling trends for Data Centers.

Modularization of Data Centers

Cabling has taken into consideration the rise of modular Data Centers. These portable/compact Data Centers provide the punch needed for your Data loads, but are far more scalable and provide easy growth options. Data Center Engineers are recognizing this trend and moving to design network cabling systems to integrate with additional “Pods” that enable owners to grow and expand easier than with some stationary Data Centers.

Optimized Networks

For some businesses, completely upgrading their Data Center is not a budgetary option and are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reliability with existing facilities. One way this can be completed is to upgrade the network cabling. Copper and fiber technology continues to grow quickly and provide lightning fast results. Updating cabinets and racks with this new cabling can improve the Data Center ROI tenfold.

Virtualization Services

Small to Enterprise Level businesses depend on on virtual machines to provide services to employees and customers alike. Providing Data Center capabilities to support these businesses while ensuring workload dependability is a prime concern. Designing cabling plans to maintain existing workload and future virtualization services workloads can be completed with a strong network roadmap and upgrading/installing top of the line copper and fiber structured cabling throughout the facility.

These are just some of the trends in cabling for Data Centers. Learn more about cabling, design and construction of Data Centers from DCS Data Centers.

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