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What Are The Benefits of Data Centers for Business?

What Are The Benefits of Data Centers for Business?

Data is essential in today’s digital world. As users consume data, the information needs to be stored in secured locations.  However, the volume of devices consuming data is a large feat for many companies.  With the influx of more devices consuming more data, companies are attempting to find the most viable solution to their data storage problems.

A trending solution for data storage problems is for companies to outsource their data.  For example, third-party data centers handle the data companies cannot handle on their own.  By outsourcing data to third-party data centers, the amount of resources spent on in house IT solutions do not strain other resources.

Other hybrid approaches to data storage solutions are arising to solve data storage needs. In hybrid data storage solutions, companies utilize both in house IT resources and modern cloud resources.  With the hybrid approach, companies still must choose how to manage the data storage services they provide.

Companies acting as third-party data storage centers are also promoting new areas of growth in the data storage challenge. Some data storage companies are expanding to provide services on an extensive platform.  Also, the portfolios of the third-party data storage centers reflect how they are providing services to a variety of businesses.  Third-party data storage centers are providing superior services, because they can adapt to new technologies and business practices to allow more data to be storage safety in their centers.

Fully Integrated Provider


In major metropolitan areas, real estate space is limited.  Therefore, companies in these areas must address how they can effectively store large quantities of data. When met with the challenge of space to store data, companies are finding third-party providers to be the answer. The fully integrated third-party providers have considered space limitations and adapted to their environment.


Since space is an issue in certain areas, fully integrated providers are addressing scalability.  One provider in Chicago recognized the issues with space, therefore their center is scaled to allow raised floor capacity.  The scalability in turn helps the center better structure the units of data they are storing for their customers.  As a result, the center can store more data and provide superior care to customers.


Third-party fully integrated providers focus is to store data for customers.  To ensure the satisfaction of customers, the providers put weight on the security of the data being stored.  Controlled access to the data and additional barriers protect the stored data and reflect how the providers are concerned about their customers.


Another perk fully integrated providers offer to customers is accessibility to their stored data.  If in house IT personal wish to access their company’s data, then the providers ensure they can conveniently come to the location of the data.  The convenience the providers offer further reflects why companies are opting to store their data in third-party data centers.

Managed Services

Though third-party data centers providers allow convenient access to data, they offer managed services too.  With managed services, in house IT staff do not need to come to the center to maintain the stored data for their company.  Instead, skilled technicians at the center provide general maintenance for the company.  By utilizing the services of the provider, companies can reduce costs and preserve essential IT resources.

To manage the data for companies, the providers have developed innovative technologies.  For example, the Chicago provider mentioned above created a technology to remotely access stored data.  The remote access is controlled by experience technicians, therefore the customers can ensure their data assets are still managed properly.

Unpredictable problems can occur at any fully integrated provider.  However, providers are taking measures to ensure when problems arise they are fixed promptly.  Testing and other general repairs are conducted by the providers to limit the amount of unexpected issues.

Monitoring plays a significant role of preventing disruptive hardware problems.  Customers and the provider can both monitor the hardware to recognize any discrepancies.  One means of monitoring is to set up firewalls and other IT infrastructure that protects data.  Additional monitoring can be added to ensure more protection. Altogether, the monitoring will prevent essential data from being lost and help promote the business goals of the customers.

Other managed services fully integrated providers may offer include:

  • Managed Networks
  • Managed Systems
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Storage & Backup
  • Managed Disaster Recovery

Custom Data Center

Third-party data centers offer customers the flexibility of creating a custom data center.  A custom data centers take shape around the business goals of the customer.  By creating a custom data center, customers can realize the perks of the efficient structure.

Multi-Tenant Data Centers

A single data center does not have to be limited to one tenant’s custom data center. Instead, an efficient data center can create custom data centers for multiple tenants.  The design and implementation of the custom data centers for each tenant is overseen by the experience staff of the provider. Sharing the data center means tenants will reduce their costs of creating a custom data center as well.  Furthermore, multi-tenant centers help speed construction rates, which allows tenants to utilize their data storage faster.

Build to Suit

Even with multi-tenant data centers, custom is still custom.  The staff of the data centers address customer’s specific needs for their data storage to build a suitable custom data center for them.  Working with the provider also ensures customers they have an experience group executing their custom data center.  Providers are concerned with customers’ data needs, which is why they offer to build data centers to customers’ specifications.

Sale Leaseback

Third-party data centers are also looking out for customers with other data centers problems. For instance, providers offer lease and buyout options to companies who currently operate their own data center.  By handing the operations of an established data center over to a third-party provider, companies can reduce their operational costs while still ensuring they have a secure space for their data storage needs.

Critical Facilities Management

With a custom data center, facilities management must be reevaluated. First, the team at the data center must work together to ensure the unique elements of the data center are designed and managed properly.  Additional personal training may be required to ensure the management of the facility is addressed.  Overall, the provider is at the focal point of ensuring the custom data centers facilities are managed appropriately to avoid critical issues.

Redefining the Data Center Experience

Cutting-Edge Facility

Modern data centers prove how efficient and innovative data centers can be. With new features and processes, the redefined data centers offer a whole new experience to customers with data storage needs.


One redefining aspect of the new data centers is power.  The attention to general power and emergency power are significant, since the facility cannot operate without power.  Aside from receiving power, the redefined data centers are harnessing power to ensure the data is more protected further making the facility more innovative.


Specific cooling methods, such as Kyoto cooling, are helping innovative data centers operate their facilities more effectively.  With cooling comes the reduction of contaminants and additional protection to the data in the center.  Again, cooling is another staple in which data centers are creating innovative facilities to better manage and protect large quantities of stored data.

Customer Experience

Innovative data centers are providing an all-in-one opportunity for companies with data storage needs.  The fully integrated providers of data storage house, manage, and protect the customers valuable stored data.  With advanced facilities, customers stored data is even more secured from unexpected data storage problems.  Third-party data centers are focused on providing superior customer care ensure customers have a quality experience.


As mentioned above, in house IT personal for companies can still have access to the stored data.  Perks, such as free parking and ease of access, help companies continually be a part of the provider’s operation to secure their company’s data.  Additional measures, such as added workspaces, allow companies even more accessibility to their stored data.  In all the accessibility to the data center shows how the provider is dedicated to the customer’s experience.


Experienced staff is another part of the superior customer experience at third-party data centers.  For instance, staff are trained to be knowledgeable about center process, including how to monitor stored data for potential security issues.  Staff also see customers are their main priority, which means they are dedicated to their customers’ business goals as well.  The staffs’ continual dedication to customers summarizes how new data centers can provide superior data storage services with a quality customer experience.

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