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Ignore Next-Generation Data Center Tech at Your Own Risk

Ignore Next-Generation Data Center Tech at Your Own Risk

Ignoring the possibilities of transformational IT infrastructures may put the future of a company at risk.  The threat involved is not modernizing the company’s IT foundations, which in turn could limit their competitive advantage. The senior level IT managers who recognize the value of modernizing a company’s IT infrastructure could reduce the risk of IT failures and be escalated to a top-level competitor.

A study initiated by Dell regarding transformational IT practices reflects how most senior IT managers are not taking the opportunity to improve their company’s IT transformational maturity. Instead of transforming, 41% are still emerging in their IT maturity.  Aside from those emerging, 42% are stuck in the evolution stage of their IT maturity.  In the end, only 5% of companies in the study were achieving transformational IT maturity.

The few companies reaching the point of transformational IT maturity hold a competitive advantage over much of their industry. For example, companies in the transformational IT stage complete critical projects with 14% less costs than companies in other IT maturity stages.  In return, investors select companies with a higher IT maturity over companies with less IT maturity.

Transforming IT infrastructure provides an opportunity for companies who can reach the transformational level of IT maturity. However, the remaining companies stuck in the early stages of IT maturity will lack the IT strength to outperform companies with transformational IT practices. Less IT maturity in turn will also reduce the amount of profitable business endeavors.  Therefore, companies should be encouraged to review their IT maturity level to move towards a transformational IT maturity level.

Improved Management

To reach the goal of transformational IT maturity, senior IT managers need to focus on their IT infrastructure.  Technologies that improve IT tasks, such as delivery methods and applications, could help companies reduce the risk of previously ignoring transformational IT methods.  Also, organizational efforts, such as the alignment within the organization and other business processes, must be considered to help IT infrastructure transform.  Altogether, the process of managing the IT infrastructure can lead to the transformational IT maturity stage.

In the Dell study regarding transformed IT practices, a few guidelines indicate how companies can improve management to reach a transformed IT status:

  • Empower users within and outside the organization
  • Strategically focus on modern IT technologies
  • Adopt the best IT practices, such as DevOps principles
  • Continue to adapt and evolve to new IT practices

Training stakeholders within and outside the company will further improve the management of the IT infrastructure, in which data can move freely.  Still, senior IT managers must continually improve their management of IT, since new services are developed and implemented to share and access data.

Understanding the latest modern IT services will allow IT managers to improve their management of data within their organization.  Ignoring modern developments in technology will only threaten the future of the company, since profitable business outcomes will be reduced.  Instead of allowing a threat to damage a company, IT managers can set goals to meet transformational IT maturity levels, which will establish a strong opportunity for the company to excel in the digital world.