Financial reports on the modular data center market indicates the market will grow in the future. For example, in 2016 the market reached $1.386 billion, whereas the forecasts for 2021 estimate the market will reach $5.639 billion. The growth of the industry can be analyzed through a SWOT analysis. • Strengths in the market include the knowledge of designing modular data centers, the reduction of time to construct data centers, and the increase capabilities of the modular data center units. • Weaknesses of the market include the capital to construct a modular data center. • Opportunities include an increase in the need for modular data centers, the versatility of modular data centers in different industries, and the expansion of the market in the American and Asia-Pacific regions. • Threats of the modular data center market include alternative methods of constructing data centers and advancing technologies. Other factors increasing the modular data center market include more data usage by consumers and the ability to construct data centers in a factory like setting. Constructing data centers in a factory like setting also leads back to the strength of reducing the time of the construction. As more focus is given to the advanced qualities of the modular data centers, the market will continue to grow in the upcoming decades. Market Segments The modular data center market can be broken down into three segments. One segment is the configuration segment. Another segment is the form factor segment. The last segment is categorized by industry. Each segment offers insight to how the market could grow. The market segments are broken down as follows: By Configuration • Semi-prefabricated • Fully-prefabricated • All-in-one By Form Factor • ISO • Non-ISO • Skid-Mounted By Industry Vertical • Banking and Financial Services • Manufacturing • Communication and Technology • Healthcare • Media and Entertainment • Others Aside from the market segments, different companies play a role in helping the modular data center grow. The following companies support the growth of the modular data center market: • Dell • HP • Emerson • Colt Group • Schneider Electric • Cannon Technologies • Flexenclosure • ASTmodular Reports on the modular data center market show the estimated growth of the market the upcoming decade. The SWOT analysis and the market segments indicate how the market may continue to build their strengths and utilize their opportunities. Also, leading computer companies have a role in the future of the modular data center market, which shows promise for the advancement of the market. Overall, the modular data center market is estimated to grow in the years ahead and expand into new areas of opportunities.

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