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The Data Center Trend for 2018

The Data Center Trend for 2018

A New Year brings new advances in the Data Center & Mission Critical industries. DCS strives to stay ahead of the changing technologies and prides itself in being in early integrator of advances. Recently Data Center Frontier hosted a Roundtable to discuss changes in the Data Center industry and the impact this would have on facilities. One trend in particular stands out among the rest.


Renewable Energy to Lead in Facility Operation

James Leach, believes companies will begin to move away from Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to true renewable sources such as wind & solar.

“In 2018, expect data center companies and energy utilities to partner to deliver true renewable energy options. The utilities like working with data center companies because data centers require a predictable amount of energy and offer economies of scale. Data center companies like working with power utilities because utilities are experts in reliable energy transmission and they know how to work with regulators to establish contracts, service levels, and pricing.”

What does this mean for the Data Center Industry?

  • Many existing Data Centers will need to be retrofitted.
  • New Data Center Designs must integrate renewable energy.
  • Commissioning Services will be even more critical.
  • Government Agencies are likely to crack down on RECs.

To continue to compete within the industry, your Data Center must find improve sustainable ways to reduce your carbon footprint. An audit of your Data Center is a great way to create a baseline for needed changes and upgrades. Work with a trusted Data Center Design-Build group such as DCS to create a comprehensive plan on how you can over a period of time improve your carbon footprint and eliminate RECs altogether.