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Data Center Facility Management Essentials

Data Center Facility Management Essentials

Thinking ahead about the future of data center facility management reveals various opportunities.  However, the future of managing data center facilities is not met without risks.  Expectations set by industry standards is a major factor data center facility managers need to consider as the industry evolves.  For instance, industry standards related to energy efficiency are already changing to revise the amount of energy consumed during facility construction. Other new standards impact additional aspects of the data center facility including the environmental factors, such as temperatures and humidity. As new standards arise, data center facility management teams will need to strategize about how to meet the revised industry standards.  Once managers address the new standards, they will be able to implement changes to help their data center facility operate smoothly.

Managers may still feel pressured by the increase in ratifications to the industry standards. Sustainability for example may not be as easy to achieve as other industry standards.  Therefore, more effort may need to be focused on the planning of the environmental factors. Dedication to the environmental factors will allow managers to see the opportunities to effectively manage their facility. The push to go green should not deter data center facility management teams, since industry benchmarks do exists to give managers a guideline for achieving success.

Data center facility management teams need to be prepared to the future of the industry.  Understanding the trends of the industry can help managers plan. By planning, managers can be successful at addressing monumental changes, such as sustainability and energy efficiently.  Knowing more about the industry’s future will help data center facility management teams move forward the in world of evolving technology and standards.


  1. Location: Data Centers are going North! Cooler climates make it easier to maintain and sustain data centers. Northern states in the United States and Northern European countries are becoming the hotspots of data centers.
  2. Evaporative Cooling: Just like your humidifier at home, water is introduced into the air and instead of using introduced heat, this system uses air temperature to turn this water into vapor.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT): We all know that technology now interacts with one another: optimizing your data center HVAC, plumbing, fire lift safety and more to interact and speak to one another is now an essential part of improving your data center and reducing downtime.
  4. Long-Term Sustainability
  5. Humidification/Dehumidification
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