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Case Study: Tech Data Center Project

Case Study: Tech Data Center Project

A large tech company requested the services of The Data Center Solutions Corp. (DCS) to provide a new emergency generator system to back up operations on the third floor in its building as well as a lab on the 1st floor.  The buildings HVAC system operates from a large central plant that cannot be supported by this system.  The system will keep electricity online for the Trident space, but heating and cooling will not be operational. The independent system in the computer room will however be supported by this system.

The company required DCS to consolidate multiple rack mount UPS systems for one large central UPS system.

DCS provided complete project management services for the design and construction of the recommendations outlined. The final product included the following services:


Based on the power and cooling requirements of the existing hardware equipment and projections of the addition of equipment, DCS recommends a Tier II reliable space, which is a single path for power and cooling distribution, redundant components.  According to the Uptime Institute Standards for Tier II data centers this equates to 99.741% availability.


  • Seal Room Penetrations
  • Raised Flooring


  • New Data Center Grade HVAC System


  • One Centralized UPS System with Battery and Generator Backup

Fire Suppression & Detection

  • FM-200 Clean Agent

Security & Monitoring

  • Security & Monitoring of physical and environmental conditions.

Commissioning & Integrated Systems Testing

The Integrated Systems Testing (IST) program establishes documented evidence to provide a high degree of assurance that the critical systems have met the pre-determined, manufacturer specifications.  IST will assure that, on an intersystem level, the critical systems operate in accordance with the engineering specifications.  DCS will work with applicable contractors to perform operational testing of selected critical systems in the data center.

DCS provided all required necessities throughout the design and construction phases, including:

  • Provide Full Engineered Drawings
  • Complete Redlined Construction Documents
  • UPS & Electrical Systems
  • Stand-By Generator
  • Pre-Action System
  • FM 200 System
  • Security and Monitoring Systems
  • Provide Commissioning Services