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Oil Immersion Cooling & Data Centers

Oil Immersion Cooling & Data Centers

The increasing demand for data centers has boosted the drive to develop new data center technologies.  Cooling technologies are at the forefront, since data centers must be able to control the large quantities of data stored in their centers.  In the past, technologies for cooling in data centers have not been able to maintain the level of cooling needed as the data centers have grown.  Oil immersion cooling technologies ushers in a new era of data center cooling technologies and overcome the issues held by older methods.

Oil Immersion Cooling

Immersion as a cooling method is not a new idea.  However, the method of utilizing oil as a coolant for servers in data centers is innovative.  Innovation can come with hesitations though, which is evident by the lack of the oil immersion cooling method in the data center industry.  Still, forward thinking companies are realizing the potential to oil immersion cooling systems and growing their operations for the next generation.

Components of the Oil Immersion Cooling Method

Revolutionary companies are utilizing special coolant to ensure their oil immersion cooling methods are secure.  For example, an ElectroSafe coolant, which is non-toxic, is used to provide a low-cost form of cooling.  Aside from the coolant, the equipment for the cooling system helps control the heat in the tank and provide additional controls to monitor the system.  Overall, the components help the data center achieve higher performance by having an innovative cooling system.

The Science of Oil Immersion

Though the data center has not fully adopted the oil immersion cooling method, the science behind the system suggests they should.  One main scientific advantage of the method is the conductivity of liquid.  With a higher conductivity than air, the liquid can promote the performance of the system.  Other scientific advantages of the system include higher heat capacity and more reliability due to the absence of dust, moisture, and oxygen.

Adopting the System

Deciding to adopt the oil immersion cooling method in data centers would help operators achieve business goals.  With lower costs and simple set up procedures, data centers could benefit from the adoption of the system.  After the adoption, centers will operate more efficiently by consuming less power and saving on the energy to cool the servers.  Adopting the system can be easy, since organizations provide money through grants and other means to support data centers who adopt the system to reduce their carbon footprint.


Data centers with the oil immersion cooling will benefit in three significant ways.  One, the capital required to add onto the system will not be as strenuous, since the system is capable of handling higher densities in a smaller space.  Two, the data center will be more reliable, because the system is designed with fewer components.  Three, the general operations and maintenance of the system can be handled by various levels of workers, since the system has a simple design.

The Future

With oil immersion cooling, the future of data centers includes higher capacities to serve clients.  Dashboards monitoring the system provide valuable insight and reflect the results achieved by the system.  As oil immersion cooling technologies continue to become integrated in the data center industry, the competition will increase and the productivity will allow data centers to excel.

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