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Machine Learning in Data Centers

Machine Learning in Data Centers

Is this the Matrix? Not quite, but it is very useful for Data Center Managers.

Data Centers are far from small and simple in today’s information-centric world. We have gone from websites that need only a few small racks for data to hyper-sized Data Centers that cover acres. This growth brings new advances in technology and one of the biggest today for Data Centers is automation. Automation advances are now bringing machine-learning to the Data Center market. These new upgrades enable Data Center Managers to now improve capacity for storage and reduce risks for clients and end-users on all fronts, including reducing energy costs. But how is this happening?

  • Predictive Analytics & Wider Data Variety
    • DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software is now learning to control the systems based on machine learning. Climate can be controlled automatically based on hours used and outdoor conditions. Over a period of time, the Data Center will learn how to manage its own climate.
  • Using Human Knowledge
    • To begin the automated learning, humans must first be involved. Data Center Managers can use past knowledge of similar environments to preprogram the Data Center for launch and monitoring the results upon kick-off. The human touch can tweak and later let the machine manage, leaving reporting and analytics for human clarification to the end user.
  • Growing Niche
    • This niche is taking off at hyper speed and can lead to major changes in the Data Center market for physical and cloud Data Centers. Smarter technologies are being integrated into algorithms for Data Center Managers to tweak to its fullest potential.

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