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Plan. Design. Build. Maintain.

Data Center Solutions Corp. (DCS) prides itself on being able to provide a team of professionals to support all market sectors. Healthcare has become an integral part of our business model as the need for data centers in the healthcare sector continue to rise.

Data Center Growth In The Healthcare Sector

With the continued emergence of Emergency Medical Records (EMR), computerized patient billing and online support systems, medical data centers and critical facilities data centers are becoming an essential lifeline for medical staff, hospital rooms and emergency rooms. Having this information on hand in an instant can help save lives and reduce medical costs.

At DCS, we strive to comply with the strictest of regulations and guidelines for the healthcare industry. We follow the recommendations and regulations industry regulators and leaders including the Facilities Guideline Institute (FGI), the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and all local and national codes.

The architects and engineering staff of DCS will address every need of a hospital when building a data center. Our understanding is key for a successful completion of the project. Our approach follows the traditional data center construction model, but also takes into account key state compliance rules to ensure the most secure and reliable data center for your business.


We always begin with an assessment, as it is essential to know what is currently in place at your offices and hospitals. Your current system of your existing facility and other key factors will affect the building results or future performance. It is our goal to become a key part of your team, allowing us to act as your subject matter experts.


After the assessment, our team will create a scope of work document providing conceptual designs, layout, equipment suggestions, budget and timeframe for completion. We are available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding this scope of work. We will work hand in hand with your IT department and facilities managers throughout the scope and design process.


Once the plan is approved, our team will begin to finalize the engineering and pull appropriate permits. After permits are approved, our team will begin the data center construction and keep your key partners up to date on the process. We strive for communication with your team and ours so we can complete the project to your specified needs. We strive to complete all projects on time and under budget, but doing so while keeping the highest quality control standards available and keeping safety top of mind.


After completion, DCS will provide all operational manuals, onsite training and a comprehensive maintenance contract for your data center. Our goal is to not only provide a quality finished product, but also a data center that is running at optimal performance.

Let DCS create a sustainable data center for your healthcare system that will provide excellence and growth for years to come. Contact us today!