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Your Data Center Depends on Interconnect

Your Data Center Depends on Interconnect

Effective networks are now a must in data centers and companies across the United States and the world are trying to scale their data networks to accomodate increasing number of devices that rely on them each day.

The result has been a scramble to modify often outdated technology, creating stop-gap measures that resolve problems in the short-term but are likely to create issues down the road.

Many CIOs and CTOs miss the opportunity to truly upgrade their networks by taking shortcuts, and while there may be some initial savings, the long term costs could be astronomical.

The accelerated rate of technology advances has created an unyielding demand for more data to be delivered to more locations. At the center of this new reality is optical data center interconnect, the critical hardware needed to move all these 1s and 0s to their destinations inside the data center and across the Internet.


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