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10 Factors to Building a Modular Data Center

10 Factors to Building a Modular Data Center

Gone are the days of building traditional data centers to gain a competitive advantage.  Now, you can build a modular data center to meet your needs more efficiently.  Modular data centers are more effective than traditional building methods, since the components of the data center can be combined into one modular unit.  Building a modular data center has its advantages and could help you to expand your IT solutions.


Like traditional data centers, modular data centers also have the essential components every data center needs.  The data center essentials include components related to the network, servers, power, and management tools.  Builders of modular data centers understand fire could be a risk to the data center, therefore the data center is equipped with cooling mechanisms and fire prevention systems.  Altogether, the essentials of the modular data center lay the foundation to the other benefits.


Modular data centers must be surrounded by an enclosure.  The enclosures for the modular data center follows industry standards to set the path for what essential elements to include, such as the energy and the cooling mechanisms for the unit.  Customized aspects of the enclosure can be incorporate as well to provide you with the most flexibility in your new modular data center.  With both standard and custom features, your modular data center will be suitable for your needs.


Your unique modular data center allows you an opportunity to explore new areas of business.  The accessibility of the modular data center opens the path to other businesses utilizing the modular network.  Adding a modular data center also represents an environmental conscious business, which could attract vital customers to your business.  Other advantages of building a modular data center are discussed below.


Operation Advantages



Industry standards determine the standardization of modular data centers.  Given the modular data centers can be built off-site, standard factory processes can be implemented.  Continually, the standardized process gives way to learning more about the modular unit and could lead to technological innovations.  For you, standardization means trusted technology for modular data centers will be a part of your unit.

Data Management Software

Standardization of the modular data center leads to the advantage of customized data management software.  The customization of the software ensures your modular data center can work at its fullest capacity.  Management through the software adds a key advantage over other competitors without the detailed software to operate their data centers.

Ownership Costs

Owning a modular data center has advantages, though costs are associated with your decision to build a modular data center. The cost of acquiring the modular data center stands as the first costs of ownership.  Next, the installation cost of the center comes as another ownership cost.  Then, operating the modular data center comes as another ownership cost.  Finally, maintaining the modular data center adds another ownership cost.

Speed of Delivery

In contrast with traditional centers, the delivery of the modular data center is much faster.  Instead of waiting to connect, your business can be operating on the new modular data center.  The advantage of getting online access sooner will reflect throughout your business.

Additional Modules

Adding more modules can help grow your business down the road.  By choosing a modular data center, you will be able to expand with additional modules as needed.  The advantage of adding modules is not limiting your business to growth.

Emergency Preparedness

Modular units are designed to prepare for the worst.  In case of an emergency, your modular data center will be more protected through the proactive design measures of the unit.

Green Power

Going green is an advantage for businesses today.  With the modular data center, you can achieve your green goals by being more conscious about power effectiveness.


Modular data centers are more efficient than traditional data centers.  Operations can be managed with more simplicity, which in turn offers greater efficiency.

Disaster Recovery

Despite uncontrollable events occurring, the modular data center is prepared for disaster recovery.  Data in the modular data center will be managed to ensure disasters are also avoided.

Real Estate

Expanding your business with additional modules does not infringe on your real estate.  The additional modules are designed to stack on each other to ensure you do not have to purchase more real estate.  

Application of Modular Data Centers

Modular data centers can help a vast group of users. Mostly, the information technology and the telecom industries reap the most advantages with modular data center.  Other industries including the government, energy sector, defense and security, and more can also benefit from deciding to build modular data centers.  The vast application of modular data centers furthers the advantages of deciding to build a modular data center.