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Data Center Cooling Technologies

Data Center Cooling Technologies

Cooling a Data Center can be one of the most critical needs for efficiency and dependability. With sometimes thousands of racks running 24/7, keeping servers running at regulated temperature can be the difference between success and mass failure, not to mention high utility bills. Although HVAC can be a large part of your operational budget, there are numerous ways to reduce these costs using energy saving designs and tactics.

  • Energy Audits: Work with a Mission Critical Commissioning Agency to determine if your HVAC is working at the most efficient rate and is providing maximum results.
  • Update Your Data Center Cooling: Use the latest natural cooling technologies to reduce your costs. Check out the video of Google’s Atlanta Data Center.
  • Redesign Your Cooling Plan: Working with designers and engineers, your existing Data Center can be reconfigured and updated to integrate the latest in Data Center technology.

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